SINCE 1986

Watters Financial Services is an independent Wealth Management and Financial Planning firm. Because of this, we are free of any influence or pressure, enabling us to custom design a plan that will best suit your situation. As a fiduciary, we are legally required to act in your best interest. We are under no obligation to sell proprietary products.

We work with small businesses regarding their retirement and succession plans. A Certified Financial Planner™ will assist you in taking a comprehensive, systematic approach to your entire financial picture either on a Wealth Management or Comprehensive Financial Planning basis. This may include investment strategies, protecting and enhancing wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of heirs and managing risks. Your finances will match your values and goals. All recommendations will be customized to you as your situation is unique and mostly likely complicated.

We provide advice on an hourly basis concerning a specific topic such as investments, business and personal retirement plans, estate planning, cash flow, wealth transfer, charitable giving, taxes and insurance. As independent professionals we provide timely, unbiased advice that will help you make informed decisions. With the depth of experience in our profession, we can cut through the confusion and noise and assist you in having a real and realistic understanding as it relates to your specific circumstances.


  1. We act as a fiduciary which means that we are legally obligated to put our clients’ interests first.
  2. We are an independent firm which means our advice is objective and unbiased.
  3. We offer Wealth Management which combines money management and on-going comprehensive financial planning. We offer hourly Financial Planning.
  4. CFP® knowledge and skill.
  5. Our expertise and perspective gained since 1986.
  6. Our size. We are small enough to offer personal attention and customized plans yet large enough to offer access to discounted fees, tools, resources and sophisticated software.
  7. We offer customized solutions.
  8. We deliver full disclosure and transparency.
  9. We believe in frequent and documented communication.